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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 23, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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when they inbound. team! alex! good call.
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good call. to jackson, wyoming. labor across texas and the gulf coast. >> 97 in dallas. 91 in new orleans. 88 in atlanta. detroit 81. and omaha 71. 70s in the pacific northwest. 96 in sacramento. and 110 in phoenix. president obama has revealed to the nation his plans to bring a long, unpopular afghanistan war to a close. rtha raddatz reports on the president's address and also how he plans for troop reduction. >> reporter: the president said u.s. troops have made significant progress in the fight against al qaeda. >> al qaeda remains dangerous. and we must be vigilant against attacks. but we have put al qaeda on a path to defeat and w w will not relent until the job is done. >> reporter: what's clear from his comments is that the focus in the future will be on counterterrorism, not a broader approach. >> o ocourse, huge challenges
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remain. this is the beginning. but not the end of our effort to wind down this war. >> reporter: and once the initial draw-down is over, it will continue. >> after this initial reduction, our troops will continue coming home at a steady pace. >> repororter:uccess on thehe battlefield. but what has been the cost? in just 2011, the u.s. will spend more than $118 billion. and just since the surge began, more than 670 americans have been killed. 20-year-old matthew henegan, 11 years old when the war began, was one of them. >> i want to know what you said to the picture when you went up there. >> we're going to miss limb and going out will never be the same. >> is this the first person you've lost? >> yes. >> just really rough to get through. he was a good guy. he had a big heart. we miss him a lot. >> reporter: what is the price paid on the home front? this is alex valesky in 25.
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he was 6 years old when his father gary first went off to iraq as a young lieutenant colonel. >> you need to come back with us and get in the car. >> reporter: he deployed to iraq three times. he is now in afghanistan. a brigadier general. and this is alex, now 13,ho will have spent 4 1/2 years without his father. how does that affect him? >> he doesn't like it. though when i told him why i was coming here and why it was so important, that great little man said, well, you go help those people over there, you get rid of those bad guys, then you come home. >> reporter: despite the draw-down gary valesky will not be home for a year. general petraeus wanted fewer troops home this year, considering it high risk for his overall strategy. but the white house wants to focus more on counterterrorism. sarah palin says her one nation tour is taking a bit of a breather. palin is disputing online reports that say her bus tour has been canceled.
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on her facebook page palin says the schedule for the next few weeks will be tight because she's been called to jury duty. but she added she's looking forward to resuming her bus tour. an arizona jury has convicted a self-help guru who led a sweat lodge ritual that ended up with three people dead. james ray insists the deaths were a tragic accident. prosecutors say he should have stopped the two-hour, sauna-style spiritual cleansing after participants got sick. ray was found guilty of negligent homicide rather than the more serious charge of manslaughter. lindsay lohan will be back in a los angeles kroomt later this morning so a judge can consider whether she vee lawsuited her probation. lohan reportedly failed a court-ordered alcohol test last week. she has been under house arrest for violating another probation in a 2007 drunk driving case after taking a necklace from a store without permission. it's sort of easy to lose track of her legal troubles. >> here we go again, geez. well, there is a cat in south florida which has used up
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one of its nine lives. >> yeah, the little feline escaped after this four-foot gator tried to make it dinner on a miami street. people in the neighborhood believe the gator may have come from a nearby canal. >> they say you really have to watch your pets down there. it only took a few minutes for the trapper to catch the gator after he arrived at the scene. don't worry, that gator althougg unpleasantly is being returned to the wild. that doesn't look like much fun. >> and the feline is okay. >> the cat's okay, the gator got released, it's all good. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." [ horn honks ] now we're hitting the road with the proglide challenge. yo, my friend -- come on down here. what do you think about that proglide? yeah, this is great. it feels good on my sensitive skin. i don't feel like i'm shaving. [ male announcer ] fusion proglide is engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever it feels like it's doing the work for me. [ male announcer ] so it glides for less tug and pull.
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he is a believer! yeah! we talk about a lot of controversial subjects around
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here and this is definitely one of them. how would you feel about allowing your teenager to have sex in your home? >> this is should being. it makes me glad our babies are infants right now. call this a sign of the times but some parents are letting their kid dozen just that. elisabeth hasselbeck talked to some of hem and their kids as well. >> reporter: patty strives to be a responsible parent. that's why, she says, she told her 18-year-old son that if he wants to have sex she's not only okay with h e idea, she'd prefer he d dit in the family home. >> i'm comfortable with it. i'd rather him do it here than somewhere else. >> reporter: patty contends teens who have sex at home are safer. >> you know, it's clean. usually the place they keep the condoms are in their bedroom. so then they're close by. and it's just an environment they're familiar with, as opposed to a motel, a car, a park, wherever they're doing it these days. >> reporter: patty is not alone. the internet is abuzz with message boards that tell the
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story of the small but growing number of parents allowing their teenagers to have sex in the family home. blogger heather blackmore is aware of the chatter. an article she posted this month about a woman who allows her teenage son to have sex with his girlfriend in his bedroom set off a firestorm. some accused the mother of running a cheap motel. blackmore says that wasn't the woman's intent. >> i think it was more of the attitude, well, kids are going to do it anyway, why not make it so that it's in a comfortable, safer environment? >> reporter: chloe says allowing teens to have sex at home ensures the teens have some lace to run if something goes wrong. she allowed hare 17-year-old daughter, who asked not to be shown, to have sex with her boyfriend in the family apartment. >> i was okay with her having sex in my home. because of the relationship she was in, because of the teenager that she is. her boyfriend would sleep over probably once a week. >> reporter: as for the panel of teens we chatted with, they were
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both intrigued and horrified at the idea of having sex within earshot of their parents. i feel like sex should just be a thing that just happens. not like, oh, if you do it you have to do it there, or there. >> do you feel as though it should be completely separate from the parents? >> yeah. >> hidden? >> it's strange if there's parents there. the parent's up there -- you're going to be thinking about it the whole time. >> i would never want to do t tt because i think it's awkward. >> reporter: the young women noted having parents too open to sex may make it more difficult for teen girls to say no to eager boyfriends. if your boyfririd knows that you can just go home and it's all allowed in your home does that put more pressure on you? >> definitely. if your boyfriend or whoever knows that there's a perfectly open, available house i think that takes away one of your big excuses. >> like how do you say no? >> reporter: the child that as long as the teens said involved are of the legal age of consent he sees nothing w wng with the idea of teens having sex in the home. the chances are the sexual experience will be safer and
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more enjoyable at home, as long as it's not done in secrecy and guilt. >> how young is too young for teen agers to be having sex? that's a whole other debate within this. if you ar parent concerned about your kids doing it in aun unsafe location or being trapped in an uncomfortable situation, it's maybe an alternative. >> and safe situation is highlighted there. to a little reassurance for some parents, the average age of the american teen ager that is having sex for the first time has declined. the age has grown -- >> the number's gone up. >> the number of kids are a little bit less. 16.9 years old for a boy, 17.4 years old for a girl. apparently it used to be younger. >> you have to think it's a bonus place for a lot of these kids to have sex. they're probably still going to do whatever they want ultimately. >> it's probably hararfor parents to think about at all in general. coming up, favorite foods in your fridge that could make or break your diet. >> how about that. the simple menu changes that you can make and actually they can really pay off over the long
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term. you are watching "world news now."
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you know, it's hard not to gain weight on the overnight hours because you kind of eat just to stay awake. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> suck it in, daniel, geez. >> sorry. >> a new study says as we age, we do gain an average of nine pounds every ten years. a little bit less than a pound a year. >> right. dr. richard besser reports on where the weight is coming from. i'm guessing food. and what we can do about it.
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>> reporter: it's the showdown at the ok weight corral and ten pounds are comininfor you. whether they've got a chance of landing on your hips, your gut, depends on what you've got in your kitchen. what edie wants to know, are the foods on the most wanted list already hiding in her cabinets? >> let's see what we got. okay. chips. public enemy number one, chips. add a serving a day and pack on more than four pounds in ten years. in the fridge? public enemy number two. you like potatoes? >> yes. once, twice a week. >> reporter: carbohydrates, potatoes in particular, turn quickly to sugar this your blood which could make you hungry sooner. more potatoes, gain more than three pounds in a decade. more fries, gain more than eight pounds. the other diet outlaws. processed meats, sugary drinks, red meat. can each add about 2 1/2 pounds. tackle these and your belt will fit better. the good news? the cavalry is nearby.
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fruit. cherries. adding some foods can actually make you lose weight. yogurt. nuts. whole grains have the mysterious effect of running the extra pounds out of town. why are the carbohydrates in these items different from the carbs in a potato? fiber. it makes the sugar from the apple hit your blood stream more slowly and keeps you feeling full longer. and you'll need the help. because when you add all the bad stuff up -- >> over the next four years that's 7 1/2 pounds. >> the most exciting finding is around exercise. that had the biggest impact over that decade. just one hour of exercise a week and you can lose 4 1/2 pounds. we have a complete list of the foods and how much weight they account for at dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> here's all i know. watching that story made me really hungry. >> you know what sounds good? fries. >> maybe a hot dog or two. and a nap. perfect. >> i think it would be easy if you can cut out the soda, switch to sparkling water, something
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> and time now for your "morning papers." we're starting out, we talk a lot about the airlines and how it's so unpleasant to fly these days. that's mostly because they're charging for everything. if you step on the plane they're charging more money than your initial titiet. get this. okay, a man got on a plane, a airways flight. he was wearing a very interesting outfit -- >> close your eyes right now if you don't want to see this. >> take a look at the outfit. it kind of makes you scream a little bit. >> we'll describe it for you. >> he's wearing a bra and panties, really. >> essentially women's undergarments. >> in a lovely blue shade i might add. it's a lovely set i must say. >> not the kind of thing y y would see on your typical fellow
2:56 am
passenger. >> there it is, thank you very much. he also had some stockings. and a cardigan in case it got chilly. >> but his private parar were covered according to the airline. >> the policy that the airline says is as long as your private parts are covered you are allowed to fly. here's the kicker. six days before this guy flew a college football player was getting on the plane in san francisco, he was arrested because he was wearing the low baggy things. >> the droopy drawers. >> the droopy drawers. apparently people on the plane were offended. yet this fellow here, looking lovely, was ablbl to fly. >> i have a feeling there's a whole back story to that guy we're just going to have to skip over. let's move to australia down under. they are apparently the latest nation to be wired, addicted to work. in this study they did, two-thirds of australians say they take their work with them on holiday. that's what they say in australia. did i mention i wrote a book about this subject? it's called "the digital diet." >> shameless self-promotion. shameless. i thought the aussies were sort of relaxed, they kicked out on the beach, maybe went to work every once in a while, you know.
2:57 am
goodday, everybody. that whole thing. apparently, no. workaholics just like us. when you were getting married and you had the wedding day set and everybody's coming and the whole nine yards there's not much that's going to keep you from backing out. she picked her wedding date and she was going to get married on the date come hell or high water. take a look at her here. this is her wedding photo. she's in the hospital because her appendix was rupturing on her wedding day. and she said, i don't care, let's bring the whole kit and caboodle to the hospital and get her done. >> and she just went for it. >> she went for it. the administration of the hospital brought out some gauze, a blue gown -- >> they probably had flowers in the gift shop. let's move on to a ticket that was given out to this guy in the uk. he pulled over for literally about 30 seconds. the ticket actually says from 12:41 p.m. to 12:41 p.m. $113 ticket for dropping somebody off. >> at the bus stop. >> before we go, tomorrow -- >> bring your dog to work day. >> and so we're going to be getting a little quiz. >> take a look at some of our staff members' dogs.
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this morning on "world news now," presidential priority. babarack obama details his plan to pull american troops out of afghanistan. >> his withdrawal time line and what it means for the military and the american taxpayer. it's thursday, june 23rd. news now."c news, this is "world >> good morning. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm daniel sieberg. rob nelson is on assignment. with the president's approval rating dropping he hit the air waves last night outlining plans to get the u.s. out of an unpopular war. we'll explain why his troop withdrawal plan will be a gradual one. you would of course expect that with nearly 100,000 troops there in afghanistan. essentially going to go on over
3:01 am
a period of years, not months. >> people will be comparing how many troops were there in the bush era as opposed to now. >> right, with the surge that happened and bringing those folks home as well. >> and this was one of his promises so it's coming true. this half hour also, outrageous comments from the cockpit. how southwest airlines addressed a pilot after he made outrageous comments about his co-workers public. >> almost like that gary larson comment. we're going down, we're going down! wrong button there. later on, revenge online. when people misbehave in public, videotape them and post their embarrassing behavior online. see why this is definitely our favorite story of the day. it's sort of like the new age scarlet letter. >> it really is. almost like youtube revenge. you really have to watch what you're doing because there's cameras everywhere. first we do want to tell you about president bole as he travels to upstate new york today to visit the army's 10th mountain division whose soldiers
3:02 am
are frequently tooployed to afghanistan. >> the trip comes hours after the president's announcement he'll start bringing thousands of troops home from the war. karen traverse has details on the presidentialldecision. >> reporter: good morning, peggy. good morning, daniel. most americans say the war in afghanistan is not worth fighting. last night, president obama said that success against the taliban and al qaeda there means that u.s. s svice members can start coming home. the war in afghanistan has cost the united states heavily. and president obama announced the beginning of the end. >> i also made it clear that our commitment would not be open-ended. and that we would begin to draw down our forces this july. tonight, i can telllou that we are fulfilling that commitment. >> reporter: right now there are nearly 1000000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. including the 30,000 surge troops that deployed starting in 2009. the president said that 5,000 troops will leave this summer, another 5,000 by the end of this year. 23,000 more will come home by
3:03 am
the e d of the summer of 2012. but is that soon enough for a war-weary american public and a frustrated congress? one reason why so many americans have increasing doubts about the war, its significant price tag. $1 million a year. with more than 30,000 troops leaving that's more than $30 billion in savings in manpower alone. the bodies of four troops returned home to dover air base. a somber reminder of the other costs of this war. ining 1,500 others killelein afghanistan. there will still be 70,000 u.s. service members in afghanistan in 2012. the president said last night that they'll continue to come home at a steady pace through 2014 when afghan security forces will be expected to take the lead. peggy and daniel?
3:04 am
> ile the president takes action with troops in afghanistan, his approval rating is sinking. and the economy may be to blame. a new poll released last night shows president obama's approval rating fell to 52%. back to where it was before osama bin laden's death. fewer than half of those surveyed say that he should be re-elected. 59% disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy. problems with the economy may stick around until next year, according to the administration's top money man. fed chair ben bernanke said weaknesses in the financial industry and the housing market may be stronger than first thought. those comments led to stock market drops worldwide. aouthwest airlines pilot is back on the job after a profanity-laced rant about flibt attendants, complaining about their sexual orientation, age and attractiveness. every offensive word was broadcast across u.s. air space. more now from ryan owens. >> reporter: as the 737 cruised from austin to san diego, its
3:05 am
pilot had a lot more on his mind than his passengers' safety. >> 11 [ bleep ] over the top [ bleep ], [ bleep ] homosexuals and a granny. >> reporter: with his cockpit mike stuck open, he complained to his copilot about the flight attendants. >> after that, it was just a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes -- >> reporter: he goes on to detail how it's increasingly difficult to find co-workers he wants to sleep with. >> now i'm back in houston, which is easily one of the ugliest bases. i mean, it's all these [ bleep ] old dudes and grannies and there's maybe like a handful of cute kids. >> reporter: the passengers couldn't hear but air traffic controllers and other pilots certainly could. >> okay, whoever is transmitting, better watch what you're saying. >> someone's got a stuck mike and telling us all about their endeavors. we don't need to hear that. >> and they wonder why airline
3:06 am
pilots have a bad reputation. >> reporter: southwest has not identified the pilot. he was suspended but not fired. why not? the airline refused to grant us an interview. instead, they released this video statement. >> on behalf of the pilot, i want to apologize to our employees. to our customers and to fellow pilots in the industry. >> reporter: southwest sent him to sensitivity training. but that's not good enough for flight attendants. >> it's just upsetting that there are still people that we work with every day that have these views and thoughts. as flight attendants i feel it's very disrespectful to us as a work group. >> reporter: that pilot is back in the air. although it's not clear how smooth his flights will be now that his co-workers know what he really thinks. ryan owens, a a news, houston. >> now we ask you at home what you thought about this. go to and let us know what you thought. really, this is a bad person to have representing that particular company, would not
3:07 am
want somebody like this representing them. >> a lot of folks talking about this. i'm sure this happens a lot more than we know, he just happened to get caught. and i think it's royce here says -- sorry, todd says this probably happens all the time, as long as we get to our destination safe and sound, it doesn't matter what they say. >> you and i were talking about that. i said it's terrible and you don't want to hear profanity. then again we have these stories about pilots that aren't sober. people are saying, safety first, forget about this chitchat later. >> cool the comments that offend a lot of people. >> let us know what you think, an arizona jury has convicted a self-help guru that left three people dead.l that prosecutors say he should have stopped the two-hour sauna-style spiritual cleansing after participants got sick. ray was found guilty of negligent homicide rather than more serious charge of m manslaught manslaughter. he faces up to 12 years in prison. "spider-man" star tobey
3:08 am
maguire is among several celebrities entangled in a lawsuit. winnings from poker games may have come from a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: tobey maguire of "spider-man" fame now entangled in someone else's web. mcguire is one of 22 defendants named in a civil lawsuit disputing money won in poker games. it was in 2007. bradley ruderman, a beverly hills hedge fund manager, joined in a series of poker nights. trouble was ruderman was gambling with clients' money. that's not all. ruderman had obtained the money from his clients in what turned out to be an illegal ponzi scheme. pleading guilty, ruderman is now in prison. now a court trustee is trying to recover the ponzi victims' money that ruderman lost at the poker table. according to the suit, tobey maguire won $311,000 in 2007 and 2008. other defendants include billionaire alec gore, being
3:09 am
sued for $445,000. and director nick cass vet december, $17,000. $73,000. his attorney says he engaged in no wrongdoing and may try to settle the case for a reduced amount or fight it. the suit alleges the defendants improperly received funds in clandestine, high-stakes games that were operated without any licenses or permits. using a professional-type poker table and hired dealers. there is no comment from the hotels allegedly involved including the peninsula, the four seasons, and the beverly hills hotel. this is miriam hernandez reporting for abc news. >> ruderman, the big loser, seeks $4 million from his poker competitors. while there have been no arrests the fbi is investigating. the home of the kentucky derby is littered with debris after a powerful line of storms spawned tornados. about five barns at churchill downs were badly damaged and the horses were running loose. powerful winds hit the famed track but no races were going on at the time and no horses or people were hurt.
3:10 am
but you can imagine those horses are pretty expensive horses. they're the best of the best. >> a little spooked. speaking of storms and weather, here is your thursday forecast. severe storms and flash floods from birmingham and nashville all the way to new england. stormy with a chance of tornados from oklahoma city to wichita and from montana to wyoming. some much-needed rain falls on texas. thunderstorms around the gulf coast. >> 91 in new orleans. 90 in miami. a wet 79 here in new york. 70s in the twin cities, omaha, and detroit. phoenix hits a scorching 110 degrees. sacramento coming in at 96. >> maybe good golf weather. >> that would be. hot. golf early in the morning. >> exactly. u.s. open golf champ rory mcilily has returned to his native northern ireland a hometown hero. >> the phenom stopped by the golf course where he developed his came as a youngster to show off his trophy. such a cool story. his parents worked so hard. >> they sacrifice the so much for him. mcilroy was hoping for a quiet homecoming but greeted by a
3:11 am
swarm of mead why from all over the world. what should he expect after taking his first media title. he really walked away with the u.s. open toward the end of that last round. you know, as a 22-year-old, so much great golf ahead with this guy. you think of him as maybe the next tiger. a lot of people are saying he's not the next tiger, he's rory. he's got his own career. >> especially after that i really liked some of the things he said about hiss devastating game at the masters where it was just really catastrophic for him, to have this kind of comeback is really nice. >> we'll be right back. we'll be bouncing back witit moe "world news now." >> well done. ♪ [ male announcer ] the davis twins... ...are alike in nearly every way... ...right down to brushing their teeth. so how did only one get gingivitis? well, one in two people do. so i told karen about new crest pro-health
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new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste.
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♪ >> i know you like to refer to me as a space cadet. >> no, i call you space nerd. >> same thing. >> it means you're knowledgeable about space and things that
3:16 am
float around in it. >> yes, sometimes my head is off in orbit. two weeks from tomorrow marks the gunning of the end for the space shuttle program. that's when "atlantis" is scheduled to begin the last shuttle flight ever. >> with the end of the program comes an opportunity to see a shuttle from the inside, which is very exciting. >> reporter: "atlantis." the last shuttle on its last ever mission. the crew is raring to go. but when the mission is over, "atlantis" will be stripped o o its equipment and put in a museum. that's what they're doing here to the shuttle "discovery." >> turn around and put your legs in first. >> reporter: that's allowed nasa for the first time to allow journalists on board. and this is ""discovery's" flight deck. over there is where the commander would sit. next to him, the pilot. and here are the instruments. and now if you just take a look behind through the windows here, this is the cargo bay.
3:17 am
it held satelllles, parts of the international space station, and of course the hubble space telescope. one ofofhe engineers shows me the deck below. the middeck. it's where the crew eat, sleep, and work. also on the middeck is a tunnel that astronauts crawl through to get to the cargo bay. the shuttles are being retired because they're too old, too expensive, and too dangerous to fly. leaving america reliant on the russians to get its astronauts into space. >> and i think you'll see two or three years of argument and discussion in science circles and the in political circles in washington to try and figure out what direction the u.s. space program should go next. because it's not exactly clear right now. we're between things. >> reporter: the white house says there will be a new spacecraft to replace the shuttle. but what it will be and when it will be ready is far from certain. bbc news at the kennedy space center in florida.
3:18 am
>> they're going to take the electronics out of them but they're still going to maintain the actual look and feel of the shuttles once they're decommission the. even though they're old and certainly arguably not that safe anymore, still very complex machines. >> well, look at it. that was really an interesting view from the inside. not many people get to look at it that way. >> normally you're weightless in there too. >> which would be even more incredible. >> we'll be right back. >> see? space nerd. >> to infinity and beyond!
3:19 am
get ready to hit it. that's right, take out your stamp. this is our favorite story of the day. >> my stamp looks like a pen. >> we got it down though right there. this reminds us of that song by hall and oats "private eyes." all of our music libraries from the '80s. >> as the song said, private
3:20 am
eyes, they see your moves every day. these days what's seen is usually recorded and posted online. as john berman reports. >> reporter: be careful what you say on the train because someone might be watching and filminin when the conductor asked this woman to stop cursing on her phone, she got very mad. >> i would like my money back providing this trip to wherever the next trip is. >> reporter: and very learned? >> i'm not a crazy person, i'm a very well-educated person. >> reporter: yikes. the internet took that educated line and went viral. the video received millions of hits on youtube. and skating comments like, educated does not mean smart, tactful, well-mannered, classy or dignified. this subway ride was just as undignified. when two women got in a fight over eating noodles. there were no winners. but there were more than 400,000 hits on youtube.
3:21 am
in texas, at one movie theater, if you text during the film they won't just throw you out, they'll post your phone call if you complain about it. >> so excuse me for using my phone in usa, magnites states of america, where you are free to text in a theater. >> reporter: more than 2 million hits. in florida steve miller had a problem. >> i know you have to take a little crap in your neighbors but this is ridiculous. >> reporter: someone was throwing dog waste on his property. >> went to the store, bought a video camera, mounted it on the house and let it run. >> reporter: he caught his neighbor dropping the droppings again and again and again. he used the video to turn the guy in and get the place cleaned up. and posted the video on youtube for extra measure. nothing like public shame to keep us in line. though some moments, well, might just be better private. like when this woman in hong kong missed her flight. john berman, abc news.
3:22 am
>> i actually think that was me when i missed my last flight. i sort of understand that. that's from youtube. that's received 7 million hits. hó
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
all right. >>this is our aww story of the day. >> what's got to be the most famous animal in the world right now, we're talking about that wayward penguin that swam thousands of miles off hoof course with that malfunctioning gps. >> am i going to have to go get this penguin myself? he's still hanging out on a beach in new zealand and he should be on the ice in antarctica. what is next for this little guy? here's david wright. >> reporter: a tired little
3:26 am
penguin 4,000 miles from home. the locals have nicknamed it happy feet. >> i just want to rescue it. poor little thing. >> reporter: emperor penguins are the ones featured in that academy award-winning documentary. the only species able to reproduce during the brutal antarctic winter. >> in the harshest place on earth, love finds a way. >> reporter: ritual as poignant as any of nature's wonders. happy feet was probably one of the chicks that hatched during the last penguin march ten mo h months ago. only once before has one of those snowbirds popped up all the way in balmy new zealand. >> to have one this far north is very, very exceptional. >> reporter: scientists say it probably got lost looking for food. >> this bird could have gotten caught in a jet stream, caught in currents, could have made a left turn at an ice berg and
3:27 am
lost his way. >> reporter: which is understandable. it's dark 24 hours a day right now in antarctica. conditions they've reproduced here at seaworld. one of only three places in the world that has emperor penguins in captivity. penguins are resourceful. >> what are you guys doing? >> we're digging to antarctica. >> reporter: maybe quite so resourceful as "madagascar" would have it. >> we don't belong here. >> reporter: officials say it's too expensive and too dangerous to transport this penguin home. >> he really does need to get back to the ocean and head south and get back to be with all his other friends. >> reporter: happy feet will need all the resourcefulness a penguin can muster. >> worried aboutut disease if ty transport the penguins, they're saying just let mother take its course. that's hard for us bystanders. >> everybody thinks this guy did it by accident. maybe he did it on purpose. i'm going to go to the beach, forget it. >> new zealand's a lovely place. we do hope he gets back home. you would probably like to meet
3:28 am
this penguin. >> i would. in fact, i have, appa i had to stop going to community college because i needed to work full time 'cause my mom was unable to work. so i had to pick up the slack. when i first decided to go back i was a little scared
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this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now," exit strategy. the president outlines his plan to withdraw american military forces from afghanistan. >> the president detailed his plans about the unpopular war r and told everyone why it's been a frustrating battle. it's thursday, june 23rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm daniel sieberg in for rob nelson. >> i'm peggy bunker. as predicted the president announced on national tv that the troops will start leaving afghanistan next month, this after a war that most americans opposed. take a look at the price tags involved here after a long and difficult battle for so many. >> increasingly becoming an unpopular war. of course e th the death of osama bin laden, you would have
3:31 am
to think that this process would be moved along a little faster. >> everyone is very war weary, it's been such a long war, a very expensive war. good news for a lot of folks there. they'll see their loved ones come home. one of the fbi ten most wanted men, "whitey" bulger, was apprehended in los angeles. he's accused in 60 murders and it's considered so notorious, his story was the plot of a hollywood film starring jack nicholson and leonardo dicaprio. if you haven't figured it out yet, tune in and find out later. pretty big arrest here. >> absolutely, been following this guy for quite some time. later on this half hour, fun in the sun. summer is here. we're lking about getting outside with the kids. the outdoor toys that are worthwhile and also could lead to hours of fun. and the others that are not so good, not worth the cash. we're going to tell you which ones are worth buying. >> becky worley checks those out. and i think most of them are pretty affordable too which is always good. now to our other top story. the president travels to ft. drum, new york, today to meet with soldiers from the 10th
3:32 am
mountain division. >> that visit comes just hours after president obama told the nation he's going to start bringing service members home from afghanistan. karen traverse has the very latest from washington. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, peggy. good morning, daniel. president obama acknowledged the human cost of the war in afghanistan. but he also used the speech to speak to those who are frustrated with the billions of dollars that's being spent there. the war in afghanistan has cost the u.s. heavily. and last night president obama announced the beginning of the end. >> i also made it clear that our commitment would not be open-ended and that we would begin to draw down our forces this july. tonight, i can tell you that we are fulfilling that commitment. >> reporter: right now there are nearly 100,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. that includes the 30,000 surge troops that deployed starting in 2009.. the president said last night that 5,000 troops will leave this summer. another 5,000 by the end of this year. 23,000 more will be home by the end of the summer of 2012. but is that enough for a
3:33 am
war-weary american public and a frustrated congress? the u.s. is spending $120 billion in afghanistan this year alone. since the war began nearly ten years ago, almost $300 billion. the president acknowledged the frustrations over the hefty price tag and said now it's a new chapter. on tuesday, a somber reminder of the other costs of this war. the bodies of four u.s. service members returned home to dover air base, joining 1,500 others killed in afghanistan. but that doesn't mean the war is over. there will still be 70,000 u.s. service members in afghanistan in 2012. the president's goal is to bring them home at a steady pace by 2014. at that point the u.s. and its allies say that afghan security forces should be taking the lead. peggy and daniel? >> karen, thank you. moving on, legendary boston crime boss "whitey" bulger has been arrested after 16 years on the run. bulger was the inspiration for the 2006 movie "the departed." starring leonardo dicaprio, matt
3:34 am
damon, and jack nicholson. he's wanted in connection with 16 murders. the fbi apprehended bulger in the los angeles area after a surveillance operation yesterday. and fbi forensnss experts were the main defense witnesses in the casey anthony trial. there are also new indications that the closely watched case could be close to wrapping up. t.j. winick reports. >> reporter: score one for the defense. when an expert witness testifies casey anthony's car did not test positive for human decomposition. >> i could not conclusively determine that those -- the presence of those compounds indicated that there had been human remains in the trunk of the car. >> reporter: quite a 180 from earlier descriptions of the car reeking of death. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee with chloroform. then the prosecution punched a hole in the testimony of another defense witness who found no trace of knockout drugs in a sample of caylee's hair. >> even had it been positive, i wouldn't be able to say when or how often the person was
3:35 am
exposed. >> reporter: those following the trial are still buzzing with the news that prosecutors may be investigating a possible link between casey anthony and fellow inmate april whalen. whalen's tragedy on christmas day 2007 bears some striking similarities to anthony's defense. >> her child died in a swimming pool and was found by the child's grandfather. >> reporter: so if the prosecution is suggesting that casey anthony might have actually stolen her defense from a fellow inmate, might they actually call april whalen as a witness? we should soon have an idea of when casey anthony could learn her fate. the judge asked the defense to let him know by friday how many more witnesses they plan to call. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. and in north dakota, a swollen river is climbing over levees as the city of minot braces for its worst flood ever. more than 10,000 people had to scrambmb to leave town after evacuation orders were pushed up
3:36 am
by five hours yesterday. thousands of homes and businesses are expected to be flooded in the next week. it was also an a aernoon of deadly storms in southern new jersey after an apparent tornado touched down. take a look at this. one man was killed when a tree fell on his car as he was driving. falling trees and also a hailstorm damaged several homes. an old blind horse was in the middle of chaos after he was just trying to graze in peace when he got stuck in a backyard swimming pool in south florida. fire crews and a vet had to drain the pool and give the 26-year-old horse a dose of sedatives before they could get him out. the horse's owner says he's okay. first lady michelle obama is halfway through her good will tour of south africa and botswana. today she will tour the infamous prison where nelson mandela spent 18 years of his life. as dana hughes reports on how mrs. obama is inspiring young people. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama spent her day in south africa reachininout directly to the country's youth. with a personal touch. comforting the sister of hector
3:37 am
peterson, killed at 13 years old while protesting the injustice of apartheid 35 years ago. and a public speech to a packed audience at the regina mundi church in soweto, the place where young protesters took refuge from police bullets. >> while no one was killed within this sanctuary, hundreds lost their lives that day. ♪ >> reporter: but it was mrs. obama who was visibly emotional as she received a standing ovation and choral serenade at the church. she ended her speech invoking the phrase made famous by her husband. >> what do you say? yes, we can! what do you say? yes, we can? what do you say? >> yes, we can! >> thank you all so much. god bless you. >> reporter: the twitter hash tag for those following the first lady's trip is youngafrica.
3:38 am
the obama administration says that with more than 50% of africa's growing population being under the age of 18, the future success of the continent is dependent on the youth of today. dana hughes, abc news, soweto. >> obviously a wonderful role model for those children to see michelle obama. >> definitely. it's really cool to see her there. she's definitely having an incredible trip and very well documented. it's nice to see those images from south africa. taking a look at your thursday forecast. 80-mile-an-hour winds, hail and flash flooding along the east coast from boston down to d.c. you can also expect severe weather in charleston, west virginia, birmingham and nashville. stormy in oklahoma, kansas, montana, and wyoming. showers and thunderstorms from texas to florida. >> 90 in miami. 88 in atlanta. 76 in boston. mostly 70s from minneapolis to kansas city. just 60 in fargo. boise heats up to 93. salt lake city 86. albuquerque 91. speaking of fargo, we've been reciting movie quotes from "fargo."
3:39 am
>> we have, one of our favorite movies. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah, marge. an idaho-based candy company is celebrating its centennial by making it into the guinness book of world records. >> the record-breaking feat, scooping the most ice cream in one hour. >> yum. >> i don't think they had a shortage of people lining up to take part in this. they did it in spectacular fashion with 6,284 scoops. i'll take a triple-double, whatever that is. >> yum. >> that's more than double the previous record of just 3,000. >> get this. the best part of this whole thing that is everyone who showed up got free ice cream. >> that's pretty great. on a hot day, what are you going to do, turn down ice cream? >> what is your favorite flavor? >> i have rum raisin stuck in my head but i'm going to say probably chocolate. >> chocolate? is that bobong? >> that's sort of boring. maybe rocky road. >> rocky road, okay. >> i'm into lately butter pecan. >> you've thought about this. >> sort of a new thing. >> i need to go back and look at my ice cream preferences. back with ice cream after this, everyone. >> if only.
3:40 am
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3:43 am
we all know the tough issues that our president is facing. the economy, of course, afghanistan, just to mention a couple. >> in addition to those and others, mr. obama is now taking some harsh criticism on the environment. and as jonathan karl reports, it's coming from a fellow democrat. >> reporter: it's been 18 months since president obama last gave a speech on climate change. >> i come here today not to talk but to act. >> reporter: since then, he's done little of either in the view of many environmentalists, including now the most famous green activist of all, al gore.
3:44 am
in a 7,000-word article to be published later this week in "rolling stone," gore lashes out at the president for failing to act or even speak forcefully on climate change. "president obama has never presented to the ameririn people the magnitude of the climate crisis," gore writes. "he has simply not made the case for action." gore's criticism stings. he's a nobel laureate and environmentalist hero. >> temperature increases are taking place -- >> reporter: who sounded the alarm with his academy award-winning movie. and was a big supporter of cacaidate barack obama in 2008. >> yeseswe can. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> reporter: for gore, there is no more important issue than climate change. and it's not just warming temperatures or melting polar ice caps. gore sees recent floods, tornados, and even snow storms as symptoms of man-made climate change. continuing on our current course, he writes, would be suicidal for global civilization.
3:45 am
gore blames obama for failing to push for a big climate bill that failed last year in the senate. instead, gore writes, the presididt made concessions to oil and coal companies without asking for anything in return. in an interview with diane sawyer in november 2009, gore had an entirely different view of president obama. >> president obama has already committed an enormous amount in his green stimulus, his epa has issued regulations requiring the reduction of co2. >> reporter: the white house says the president has made the largest investments ever in green technology and green jobs. but even he is a little frustrated. >> i wish that energy bill had passed. i understand the frustrations. i feel them too. >> reporter: jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> the really interesting thing here is that a lot of people who are very pro-epa, they really want environmental issues to be important to our country, they need to go vote. apparently there's a voting issue where folks who feel that
3:46 am
way might not make it to the polls. >> right, exactly, that's a big risk for obama. he has to decide who he wants to ally himself with and if that's going to help him with the election. we hope the environment is a bigger thing than just the election. intriguing tabloid rumblings involving o.j. simpson and oprah winfrey. we've heard that this is the get that she's always wanted to get for her show, o.j. >> and is it? is it the get? >> very speculative.e. >> do you think you can dance? check out tom hanks' latest move. that's coming up next in "the skinny." go, tom! >> anyone would want to dance next to her.
3:47 am
3:48 am
all right. it is time now for "the skinny." we start with one that is a trail of tabloid speculation we should say. >> right. >> no confirmation at all. >> underline speculation. >> yes. totally driven by gossip. >> highlight, highlight. >> so apparently, maybe possibly, o.j. simpson has
3:49 am
confessed his wife's murder to oprah. again, this is alllloming from sources like "the daily mail," "the national enquirer." >> which by the way "the national enquirer," they have scoops. hunter, for instance. >> absolutely. we'll have to wait and see. oprah has previously said she would want this interview, that this would potential be on her new own network. her own televisiononetwork. >> which would certainly put it on the map because it's sort of struggling right now. >> huge get if this is true. again, so many ifs. underline the we're not sure about this. fascinating if true. >> that would be. she has said many times this is the get thatt she always wanted to get, only if he would be honest about what really went down. moving on to somebody else who's had a lot of trouble with the law. it's almost like, do we go back and talk about this again? it's really sad when you think about it. we're talking about lindsay lohan. we're sorry. but it looks like she has once again violated her probation. she's tested positive for alcohol. she's going back to court tomorrow, which you know the judge is going to throw the book at her. >> absolutely. >> she's been given chance after chance after chance. we had necklace-gate.
3:50 am
remember that whole thing? >> right. >> apparently also the company that put the monitoring bracelet on lilo as she's affectionately called -- >> she's due in court later this morning to hear about this latest violation of her probation. >> that's right, today, later in court, right. >> she should just keep her i.d. badge for the court, it's like a revolving door. >> the company that has the bracelet, they say they don't want to do it anymore, they're so sick of the thing going off. and by the way, matt lauer, one of the anchors on the morning show, flew cross country to interview lilo and she canceled it last minute. >> snubbed. >> snubbed. she said she just wasn't ready, she was caught off-guard when he arrived to tape the interview. she basically just said, i'm not ready, i can't do this. >> i think they talked about doing a longer interview, she wanted 15 minutes, she got cold feet. >> there's only damage you can do in 15 minutes. >> she's got to go to court. >> she's got a problem that needs to be addressed. she's been trying to address it. >> yes. >> and so once again, another chapter. >> let's move on to george clooney. good old george clooney. >> yes, yes. >> this is a guy who seems to be the eternal bachelel and
3:51 am
evidently he may be again. or he is again. >> i can't believe this. >> splitting up with lizabeta canalis. >> who is like the biggest babe on the planet. >> if it's not going to work with her. >> what hope do the rest of us have? if you can't make it work with her? >> it seemed like they were on the path to marriage but they are apparently splitsville. so ladies out there, george clooney is available. >> yes, although i have to say, to his credit, he is -- keeps dating all these beautiful women. like one hot lady after the next. me men are not meant for marriage. >> he was married once before. >> george is 50. >> he was married once before. >> he's 50. this is his thing. i think that's better to not get married if you know that's not your style, you're not a monogamous sort, because not everybody is. she is single fyi. tom hanks, by the way, yes. he got his groove on. he's very married and we like him for that too. check out tom hanks. he was doing an interview. shaking it out with the meteorologist. i don't think you can understand what she was saying. he specifically knew spin it around and shake your booty.
3:52 am
right? shake your thang. he was doing a little bit of this. there you go. >> we need some music. >> we do because this is uncomfortable without it.
3:53 am
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things to watch on abc news today. the senate intelligence committee begins confirmation hearings for general david petraeus. the president selected him to be the next director of the cia. vice president biden has his eye on the nation's debt crisis today as he meets with members of congress. his discussions come as the latest numbers on unemployment are released. and the neweststepublican presidential candidate to enter the race, jon huntsman, concentrates on getting support in florida. the moderate former utah governor has his campaign stops in miami, orlando, and naples. all right, finally this half hour how to keep the kids cool and entertained during their summer vacation. sounds like it's all over but sounds like it's not as difficult as it might seem. >> as becky worley tells us, what's good for the kids can
3:56 am
often keep mom and dad entertained as well. >> reporter: ah, summer. a few budget toys can cool the kids and pass the hours. first, sprinklers. the crazier the better. these two from melissa and doug are great for the littler ones. more ballistic models like the geyser blast may entertain slightly older kids. next, if you have access to a pool or a lake, check out the waboba extreme ball. it bounces on water. this would definitely keep a 10-year-old busy. it's made of some crazy space-age polymers. it floats and it only costs $11. now a rousing ping-pong rivalry could chew up a little summer down time. so i love this sports craft anywhere table set. for just 15 bucks, turn any table into a makeshift ping-pong table. my kids love to swim. so these cute speedo goggles made them giggle and protected their eyes in the water.
3:57 am
finally, a water slide is great for kids and grown-ups alike. but here's my advice. first, don't spend a ton of money. over the winter you'll lose the pegs, it will tear. it's a one season only purchase. second, it's a lot more fun if you have a hill. but you can build up some speed on the flats if you lube up with sunscreen, or even better, pam cooking spray. it's a little weird, but it works. becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> i think we need a longer slide. >> i remember that. didn't you have one of those as a kid? i loved that thing. >> absolutely. >> didn't do the pam, that is a good tip. i loved the little goggles with the flowows, so cute. >> in new york we don't have yards or pools. >> can you do that on the roof? >> on the roof, on the road, maybe put it on the sidewalk. >> we're going to do that coming up next. what is this? what does that have to do with anything? oh, the backyard. >> getting ready to go out and slip 'n slide. there i've got my apron on. >> we don't look like it, though. >> we have to lube up to go on
3:58 am
the thing. is that what happens? that's a whole new one for me. >> that's going to require some pam.
3:59 am
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